Shane & Harper

Back Camera

Harper is doing great. She has become an inseparable part of our family. She had her chip implanted , her stitches from her spay surgery removed, is healthy as a horse and has made numerous friends around the neighborhood. We have been attending Bully Ambassador classes at WPHS with Nicole as of two weeks ago. Harper is, I must say with a mixture of healthy embarrassment and fatherly pride, the best behaved in the class. Seeing how good she is has convinced me even further to try to certify her as a Therapy dog.

Remember how we said she would not sleep in our bed?…Well, she does. We place her bed by ours when we go to bed and she calmly waits for us to fall asleep at which point she climbs up and makes herself comfortable with us. She is very good at going back to her bed if we tell her to, but at this point we pretend not to notice…she is too sweet to kick out of bed!
Spencer and Harper have become great friends. She goes to sleep with him initially and we bring her up with us when we go to bed ( I’ve attached a picture of both for your site if you want to post it).
Thank you again for bringing her into our life.

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