Pig Adoption Application

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Do you have any medical conditions or concerns that could affect your ability to care for an animal? (if yes, please explain)

Please provide us with accurate details about your home and yard, and any HOA or other pertinent information.

Have you checked your local zoning ordinances?
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Do your local zoning ordinances permit pigs on your property?
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Do you rent or own your residence?
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(if you live in a planned community, you will need to include written permission from your Home Owners Association of Planning Committee to confirm that they will allow a pig on your property.)

Do you have a fenced-in Yard?
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Do you consent to a home-check to ensure that your property is safe and appropriate for a pig?
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How many adults live in your home?

How many children live in your home?

(please list the ages of all children who reside with you.)

Do other residents know you are considering a pig for a pet?
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If yes, do the other members of your household approve of this choice?
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Do you currently have any other pets?
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If yes, please list pets and give details.

Are your current pets spayed or neutered and vaccinated:
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What got you interested in pigs and why would you like a pig for a pet?

Do you currently own a pig:  Yes No
Please give details:

If yes, are they spayed or neutered:  Yes No

Have you ever owned a pig? Yes No
If yes, please give details

Have you had the opportunity to educate yourself on proper pig care?  Yes No
If yes, please give details

Are you committed to caring for your pig for the entirety of his or her life, which may be 15 to 20 years?
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Are you committed to ensuring that your pig has access to proper veterinary care?
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What would you do if your animal became injured or ill and required veterinary care?

What are your views on euthanasia?

How would you feel if your pig wanted to lay on your furniture?

Please review the following and mark the appropriate selections with a yes, no, or need additional information.

I understand that there is no such thing as a “Teacup” or “Micro” pig, and that I can expect my miniature pig to reach a healthy mature weight range of 100 to 250 lbs. depending on ancestry.
 Yes No Need Addition Info

I understand that I cannot control the size of my pig by underfeeding him or her.
 Yes No Need Addition Info

I understand that pigs require a special diet to be healthy, and that overfeeding, underfeeding, and feeding inappropriate foods can severely compromise a pig’s health as well as contributing to numerous behavior issues, including aggression.
 Yes No Need Addition Info

I understand that pigs can be territorial and engage in territorial behaviors such as head-tossing, “growling”, snapping, charging, and even biting. I understand that behavioral modification techniques can help, but these are natural instincts and that children should always be carefully supervised around pigs.
 Yes No Need Addition Info

I understand that a pig should not be placed in my home before 12 weeks of age when it has been properly weaned and is capable of eating on its own. Premature placement can cause a variety of issues ranging from starvation to aggression.
 Yes No Need Addition Info

I understand that pigs have a herd hierarchy and require socialization. I understand that if a new pig is to be a companion for a pig already in my care, an introductory period will be required.
 Yes No Need Addition Info

I understand that my pig needs to be spayed or neutered to prevent unattended reproduction, as well as preventing behavior issues and serious reproductive health issues that can occur later in life.
 Yes No Need Addition Info

I understand that finding appropriate veterinary care can be difficult, and that I should have a qualifies vet, as well as a veterinary emergency plan that cover lifting and transportation, in place before I bring a pig into my home.
 Yes No Need Addition Info

I understand that, while pigs are intelligent and trainable animals, that they cannot be expected to behave in any way other that what is natural to them. I understand that pigs have different needs and behaviors than those of other pets and I will ensure that those needs and behaviors are met and appreciated to the best of my abilities.
 Yes No Need Additional Info

Is your home “Pig-Proofed”?
 Yes No

Is there a safe place for your pig to stay during the day?  Yes No
Where will that be?

How many hours do you anticipate your pig being alone during the day?

Where will your pig sleep?

Will your pig be able to regularly spend time outdoors in a safe area?
 Yes No

Please provide specific details about the living conditions and environment you can offer:

Where and how will your pig be cared for in the event of a vacation, business trip, etc.?

What would you do if your animal was lost?

It is imperative to have a quailed veterinarian selected in advance. Miniature pigs have different medical needs that your pig.

Name of Veterinarian: