Oscar is doing great. He’s definitely settled in. He and Mayzie have pretty much become best buddies during the day. When Adynn gets home from school Oscar is always waiting for her. It’s so cute. We are are all doing good. I’m taking classes online which is good but also kind of stressful taking care of my little one at the same time. Oscar actually helps out a lot keeping her preoccupied while I do my school work.

I had to give Oscar a bath the other night and we were laughing because under all of that fur he really is just a kitten! We couldn’t believe how small he actually is. I forget sometimes he is younger than he looks.

Oscar is getting quite interested in going outside lately. I haven’t let him out though. Maybe this spring we’ll try it out. It just makes me nervous cause he’s so quick. He sits by the window and just stares at everything. When I open the door to leave he’s been trying to go out. I don’t know. I just don’t want anything to happen to him. Maybe I’m just being overprotective?

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