I just need to tell you she is AMAZING!!!!! I can’t thank you enough for letting her become part of our family and giving us the privilege of raising her!! I just had such a good feeling when I couldn’t stop looking at her pictures and video. (must have looked at them 100 times after you suggested her)


She is just so smart and mannerly. Katelyn did an amazing job with her and I commend her for being able to let her go. I know I could never foster dogs and be able to let them go. i have know doubt I would end up with house full of dogs.

Please know that she will be soooo LOVED and I have to say a little spoiled. I already spent a couple hundred dollars last night at PetsMart and we haven’t even ordered the bed we want for her yet. Of course I came home with all the bags and Scott just looked at the receipt and said “Seriously?”. But he so adores too!

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