I just love it at my new house…I have a Forever Mommy, and a grandma, and two grandpas. I have new uncles, and aunts, and lots of cousins. A lot of my new cousins are critter kids just like me, too, and we have so much fun playing together. When I go to my one aunt’s house, she gives me treats! πŸ™‚ And when I go to my other grandpa’s house, he takes me for rides, and plays with me, and teaches me to fetch. (((Actually, I already know how to fetch–but I pretend I’m learning so that my new grandpa feels good about ‘teaching’ me something))) Shhhh–don’t tell, okay? If he knew how smart I really was, he’d expect me to do a lot more, and right now, I’m just loving the idea of being the spoiled puppy. (((I can be a little stinker, you know))) But Mommy says that’s part of my charm. πŸ™‚


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