Foster Application

Household Information

How Many Persons In Your Household?

Please list your current veterinarian or one you have used in the past.

Kennel Cough is an upper respiratory infection that is the most common illness we encounter with dogs
pulled from high-kill shelters. Therefore, the BORDATELLA vaccination is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for
your own dogs.

FYI: Bordatella NASAL INFUSION becomes effective in 4 days. Bordatella INJECTION becomes effective in 2 weeks. Therefore, the nasal infusion is recommended.

If you rent and dogs are permitted, please provide either landlord's contact information below or written approval to foster.

How many hours per day would your foster dog be alone / unattended?

As a foster, you realize fostering is at your own risk. Fosters are responsible for any liability with respect to any foster issues, injuries caused by fosters, et cetera. Contagions are possible and are not covered by rescue funds. Fosters may utilize the FurKid Rescue vet for foster-related health issues to family pets and may be entitled to discount pricing. Use of any vet other than the FurKid Rescue vet is not covered by FurKid Rescue. This is further explained in the accompanying Foster Requirements and Expectations which you must read, understand and agree to.

As a foster, we rely on you to follow through in your commitment and responsibility with regard to your foster dog and see them through to the finalization of their adoption. If there is a situation which makes this impossible, we will attempt to find a new foster for your pup or trade yours for another foster's dog, but you are still responsible for your foster until other arrangements are able to be made. If a foster dog is 'dumped' without notice or other foster arrangements in place you may be held responsible for any boarding/kennel costs to keep your foster dog safe.

Arrangements must be made with FurKid Rescue in advance for the relocation of your foster dog in the
event of overnight trips, vacations or emergencies and otherwise must remain in your care at all times.

As a foster, you may not legally re-home, relocate, or otherwise remove your foster dog from your care without prior the knowledge and consent of FurKid Rescue. If your foster dog is removed from your home without the without prior the knowledge and consent of FurKid Rescue, you risk prosecution.

Fosters for FurKid Rescue may NOT utilize ANY form of shock control on their foster dog(s), including but not limited to shock collars and electric/invisible fencing.

Are you able to perform the administration of medication? Yes or no to each of the below:

Please list the name, address, phone numbers (including area code) of at least three personal references, other than your veterinarian and who are NOT related to you: