Happy Tails

Stories of successful FurKid adoptions



Oscar is doing great. He’s definitely settled in. He and Mayzie have pretty much become best buddies during the day. When Adynn gets home from school Oscar is always waiting for her. It’s so cute. We are are all doing good. I’m taking classes online which is good but also kind of stressful taking care of my little one at the same time. Oscar actually helps out a lot keeping her preoccupied while I do my school work.

I had to give Oscar a bath the other night and we were laughing because under all of that fur he really is just a kitten! We couldn’t believe how small he actually is. I forget sometimes he is younger than he looks.

Oscar is getting quite interested in going outside lately. I haven’t let him out though. Maybe this spring we’ll try it out. It just makes me nervous cause he’s so quick. He sits by the window and just stares at everything. When I open the door to leave he’s been trying to go out. I don’t know. I just don’t want anything to happen to him. Maybe I’m just being overprotective?

Tara & Jake


We just wanted to give you and update on pearl. Her and Ivy are getting along great now! They are best friends, they run around and play and get into trouble together. About a week ago we had them outside together while we went and did barn work and when we came back they were orange from playing in the flower beds! it was too cute! We did have to take her to the vet because she had puss coming out of her stitches. She got an antibiotic and when the vet took out her stitches she was given a clean bill of health. We just wanted to say Thank you for the great rescue work you do and for giving us the perfect addition to our family!!
-Tara & Jake


Michael & Rosie


I had been looking for a new companion for my pit-mix Luke and I for quite some time and was getting frustrated when I met Jennifer at South Park. I told her that I had been looking for a dog and she recommended Rosie. Luke and I went to meet her at her foster’s home and the two of them hit it off well. They ran and played in the yard for about an hour and Luke did not want to leave. By the time I got home from the visit, I knew that I really wanted to adopt her. A couple days later, when she came for the home visit, Rosie ran right up to Luke and they started to play again. She is an absolute sweetheart. She and Luke are inseparable now and play together constantly. When I put one on a leash to put out in my back yard, the other one sits at the window crying for the 30 seconds it takes for me to come back and get them. Rosie has made Luke and I so happy. She is very affectionate and loving and always has a goofy smile on her face. She refuses to lay down anywhere that she is not in contact with Luke or me. Luke will be laying by himself, and Rosie will run over and plop down, literally, right on top of him. She is always looking to play and has a ton of energy. We walk together 4 miles every day and she loves every minute of it. As soon as we get home she falls fast asleep for an hour or so. I feel very blessed to have been able to find her and bring her into our little clique. She is a great companion and family member. Thanks to Jennifer and Rosie’s foster family for raising her so well and helping me to find a lifetime buddy for Luke and I.




I just wanted to give you a little update on “Julio”, or as he knows
his name — Little Man. haha! He is doing wonderful and is the cutest little guy ever. He sleeps with me every night and loves to romp around and play as if he were a big dog. I have attached a more recent picture of him below from last week on my birthday. You can probably tell, that he is turning into a little fatty because he likes to run in and steal the cat food when I am not looking. haha!



Now, for the wonderful things about this girl, Abby. I moved to a home in Oakmont with a big fenced in yard, which makes it possible for her to go outside without constantly having a leash attached to her……what a great freedom for her. There is also a covered porch, and on sunny days she likes to sit there and monitor the neighborhood. She is the sweetest tempered dog, and even when undergoing unpleasant vet procedures, she stays so sweet. Her separation anxiety is still an issue, but she seems much happier with a whole house to roam around in while I’m out. She is a loving, sweet, funny, dear companion, and I am so happy to have her in my life. She is a world class cuddlebug. She has turned into a great walking companion, and I think she would walk all day if we could. She has become very protective of our home…..and me. I am grateful for safety locks on the car windows since she learned how to put them down…..she loves her rides in the car! She has great personality. Everyone who meets her falls crazy in love with her. Over the holidays, there were days when she was exhausted at the end of the day from being petted and cuddled so much by so many people. The family of the high school boy who walks her on my work days fell under her spell…..the father of the family, who has always been adamantly opposed to having any pets, especially a dog, was completely captivated by her……and finally, a couple of months ago, that family adopted a rescued dog.



I just love it at my new house…I have a Forever Mommy, and a grandma, and two grandpas. I have new uncles, and aunts, and lots of cousins. A lot of my new cousins are critter kids just like me, too, and we have so much fun playing together. When I go to my one aunt’s house, she gives me treats! 🙂 And when I go to my other grandpa’s house, he takes me for rides, and plays with me, and teaches me to fetch. (((Actually, I already know how to fetch–but I pretend I’m learning so that my new grandpa feels good about ‘teaching’ me something))) Shhhh–don’t tell, okay? If he knew how smart I really was, he’d expect me to do a lot more, and right now, I’m just loving the idea of being the spoiled puppy. (((I can be a little stinker, you know))) But Mommy says that’s part of my charm. 🙂




The story of how Leo (originally Bug) joined our family is truly a happy tail for everyone. My husband and I were looking for a dog to adopt and found Leo on the website. His story caught my attention right away and I knew I had to meet this special dog. Leo is a toothless, senior citizen who was rescued from a puppy mill. Despite living in horrendous conditions Leo has a wonderful personality. Jennifer brought him to our house for a meet and greet and it was love at first sight. My husband, cat and I all voted yes to adopt him and Leo didn’t protest.

Since joining the family in January Leo has increased his strength and discovered the love of the outdoors. He is happiest when running around the yard or relaxing on a rainy day on his bed (in the photo and 3 sizes too large for him). Before being adopted he had never gone up or down stairs and he is happy to show off his skills while running up the stairs; going down the stairs is still a challenge. Leo makes every day fun by flashing a smile when we come home, bouncing around for a treat or snuggling on the couch.

Our family is complete with Leo and we cannot thank FurKid Rescue and Jennifer enough for bringing Leo into our lives.

Shane & Harper

Back Camera

Harper is doing great. She has become an inseparable part of our family. She had her chip implanted , her stitches from her spay surgery removed, is healthy as a horse and has made numerous friends around the neighborhood. We have been attending Bully Ambassador classes at WPHS with Nicole as of two weeks ago. Harper is, I must say with a mixture of healthy embarrassment and fatherly pride, the best behaved in the class. Seeing how good she is has convinced me even further to try to certify her as a Therapy dog.

Remember how we said she would not sleep in our bed?…Well, she does. We place her bed by ours when we go to bed and she calmly waits for us to fall asleep at which point she climbs up and makes herself comfortable with us. She is very good at going back to her bed if we tell her to, but at this point we pretend not to notice…she is too sweet to kick out of bed!
Spencer and Harper have become great friends. She goes to sleep with him initially and we bring her up with us when we go to bed ( I’ve attached a picture of both for your site if you want to post it).
Thank you again for bringing her into our life.

Mariane & Pokey


Pokey is adjusting well. She sleeps with wesley and myself in bed. Puts Wesley in his place. My granddaughters love her because she is quite the little lady. She does not jump or chase you. They can cuddle with her and play flashlight tag.
The neighbors weren’t quite ready for the hound bark out of such a tiny dog.


I will bee keeping in touch to let you know how our little family is doing. Can’t thank you enough for letting us bring Pokey into our home.
Mariane Bateman



I just need to tell you she is AMAZING!!!!! I can’t thank you enough for letting her become part of our family and giving us the privilege of raising her!! I just had such a good feeling when I couldn’t stop looking at her pictures and video. (must have looked at them 100 times after you suggested her)


She is just so smart and mannerly. Katelyn did an amazing job with her and I commend her for being able to let her go. I know I could never foster dogs and be able to let them go. i have know doubt I would end up with house full of dogs.

Please know that she will be soooo LOVED and I have to say a little spoiled. I already spent a couple hundred dollars last night at PetsMart and we haven’t even ordered the bed we want for her yet. Of course I came home with all the bags and Scott just looked at the receipt and said “Seriously?”. But he so adores too!