• Kiwi

    Adopted in 2012


Are you interested in a FurKid?

Thank you for considering adoption over buying from a breeder. In doing so, you are taking a stand against the overbreeding and overpopulation problem that currently exists. We believe in quality placements over quantity and once we rescue a dog we’re committed to finding the best forever home. We are NOT ashamed of being choosy!

  • You should expect at least a 10-year commitment (excluding seniors).
  • You are willing to work through a transitional adjustment period that may last a few months or longer.
  • If minor to extreme behavioral issues arise, you will take steps to try to work through them with positive reinforcement by either taking a class or working with an in home behavior consultant before giving up on your dog.
  • If you adopt a puppy you will need to take a FurKid approved puppy class in your area.
  • You will commit to routine and preventative vet care, emergency vet care, feeding and expenses. Emergency vet care is not inexpensive, and you need to have the financial resource to care for a FurKid – especially one with special needs.

Rescuing a FurKid doesn’t make you a hero unless you are willing to make the necessary commitment to ensure your dog has a long, happy life. Just as you would plan for a child, you must understand that adopting a pet obligates you as the primary care-taker and companion for your new family member.

We go to great lengths to rescue dogs from dire situations. We don’t want adopters who feel sorry for our dogs and just want to give them the next level of care from death. We want exceptional adopters. We want adopters who feel lucky to adopt a FurKid.

If you already have a high energy breed, please understand that you will not even be considered if trying to adopt a dog of the same sex as your current dog. Unless you have a mature animal (at least 7 or 8 years), we will only accept applications for FurKids of the opposite sex.

Our screening process has been designed to combine book knowledge and personal experiences. The Furkid you are interested in may be wonderful, but may not be the right fit for you. Please make sure that you read their bios. You will have a chance to get acquainted personally with our FurKids at a Meet and Greets and we will help you make a wise decision about adoption.

If you’re ready, willing, and prepared to adopt a rescue dog into your home, then it’s time to begin the adoption process. By filling out an adoption application you are NOT committing to adoption. It an approval for a private meet and greet with your family to get to know your future best friend one on one.

To take the next step for a meet and greet, please complete and submit one of the following adoption applications online. Once you submit your application, please be patient as it take time to check your references. We will be in touch once we qualify that you are a good fit. Because all of our animals are cared for in private homes, during the meet and greet please know that we will make assessments and recommendations to ensure that the physical environment of their potential forever homes are safe and sets everyone’s future up for success.

It seems like a lot of steps and hard work – and it is – but we do this because we love these animals and it is our duty both to them and to their prospective homes to make sure that each and every placement that we make is a good one – and one that will last for the rest of their lifetimes.

…So You’ve Been Approved

Once the adoption is finalized, we will follow up with you from time to time to see how everyone is adjusting with your new family member. We do this to help with questions, training, and to help our adoptive homes in any way that we can. We strive to ensure an open and honest relationship between our adopters. It is a lifelong commitment between our FurKid family and yours.

Please note: FurKid Rescue reserves the right to decline any application as we see fit. Though your home may be an excellent place for a dog, it may not be the best place for the specific dog you applied for.

We require an Application, home visit, and adoption contract on ALL placements. ALL FurKid Rescue dogs are spayed or neutered PRIOR to adoption. No exceptions.