Now, for the wonderful things about this girl, Abby. I moved to a home in Oakmont with a big fenced in yard, which makes it possible for her to go outside without constantly having a leash attached to her……what a great freedom for her. There is also a covered porch, and on sunny days she likes to sit there and monitor the neighborhood. She is the sweetest tempered dog, and even when undergoing unpleasant vet procedures, she stays so sweet. Her separation anxiety is still an issue, but she seems much happier with a whole house to roam around in while I’m out. She is a loving, sweet, funny, dear companion, and I am so happy to have her in my life. She is a world class cuddlebug. She has turned into a great walking companion, and I think she would walk all day if we could. She has become very protective of our home…..and me. I am grateful for safety locks on the car windows since she learned how to put them down…..she loves her rides in the car! She has great personality. Everyone who meets her falls crazy in love with her. Over the holidays, there were days when she was exhausted at the end of the day from being petted and cuddled so much by so many people. The family of the high school boy who walks her on my work days fell under her spell…..the father of the family, who has always been adamantly opposed to having any pets, especially a dog, was completely captivated by her……and finally, a couple of months ago, that family adopted a rescued dog.

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