• Delta


    Adopted in 2011

  • Theodore 2016


    Adopted in 2016

  • Millie


    Adopted in 2016

  • Foxy


    Adopted in 2015

  • Tortola & Sandy

    Tortola & Sandy

    Adopted in 2015

  • Olivia


    Adopted in 2015

  • Maggie Mae

    Maggie Mae

    Adopted in 2015

  • Belle and Jasmine

    Belle and Jasmine

    Adopted in 2015

  • Javier & Baby Bird

    Javier & Baby Bird

    Adopted in 2010

  • Zsa Zsa

    Zsa Zsa

    Adopted 2011

  • Kiwi


    Adopted in 2012

  • Josie


    Adopted in 2012

  • Fig


    Adopted in 2012

  • Cooper


    Adopted in 2015

  • Nitters


    Adopted in 2016

From Death Row to Happy Homes

We are a 501c3, foster-based animal rescue organization based in Pittsburgh.

Since our founding in 2008, we have placed 700+ dogs, cats and pigs in loving homes.

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FurKid Rescue
FurKid RescueFriday, May 26th, 2017 at 7:44am
Ernesto has his dental and neuter today! He only has 6 teeth left! There were 3 really infected ones and it was a big chance to pull them. He has very little bone left in his jaw, but if they were not pulled, he could up with other major health issues because the infection was deep. With little bone left, there was a chance that his jaw could break and he would have had to be rushed to the emergency vet to be transferred over to the dental specialist. We took the chance, and luckily everything worked out!! The teeth came out with no broken jaw! He will get to come home soon!
FurKid Rescue
FurKid RescueFriday, May 26th, 2017 at 4:50am
(left to right) Adoptable Phoebe, Ashley, Aggy, Parker, Morgan, and Watson
FurKid Rescue
FurKid RescueFriday, May 26th, 2017 at 3:59am
Adoptable Aggy!
FurKid Rescue
FurKid RescueThursday, May 25th, 2017 at 1:09pm
This little guy's recovery is amazing! Losing an eye, not being able to see well out of the other, and being in such pain, he is really such a super sweet dude. We wanted to share his before/middle of recovery pics. He gets around so well- he's been here less than 24 hours and is already jumping up on and off of the couches, and follows me around! He clearly wasn't ready to die or give up on life!
FurKid Rescue
FurKid RescueThursday, May 25th, 2017 at 8:14am
If you see someone in this album that you love, you can apply for them at www.furkidrescue.org , as well as read about our adoption process!
FurKid Rescue
FurKid RescueThursday, May 25th, 2017 at 7:56am
Folks, we've had a few comments that we'd like to address in regards to the photos that we shared of Ramirez that the vet sent us as she attempted to piece him back together. THIS IS THE REALITY OF RESCUE! We didn't post the photos to be graphic or for shock value. We posted them for people to see the real side of rescue and what we see. We posted them for people to understand the importance of rescues and giving animals second chances. We posted them to inspire people to do more or do better. People see rescue puppies that are cute and adorable. The thoughts that someone failed them go out the window. The fact is the majority of animals in rescues have been failed by humans. There is great importance in sharing extreme cases like the one we did today. Like it or not, it's a wake up call. Someone dumped Ramirez off at a high kill shelter in that condition. His previous owner made the decision to drive him to a high kill shelter rather than a vet. He suffered, there is no doubt about it. We did what we could and sadly it was not enough. Too few individuals and rescues are willing or able to step in to help dogs like him. What we did offer him was a chance. He at least felt a kind hand before he died. We understand that photos like the ones we shared are jarring, but...THIS IS RESCUE. Adopt, volunteer, foster, donate, educate! Ramirez deserves for his life to have meant something!